A Dialogue with Myself

As a fresh graduate, there’s something haunting my mind, or possibly it also happens to my friends. It’s like there is chaos inside my mind.

I say to myself: “Welcome to the real life, Yesha! You are not kid anymore. It’s not only about age, but also about your new phase of life. You just enter the phase where most people say money is number one target. You have to realize that there are big responsibilities right 5 centimeters in front of your eyes. Those are not only for your family, your institution, or even your society but the biggest is for yourself. You have to realize that you’ve become an employee, not a student anymore. You can’t depend on anyone else, specifically your parents anymore. You may earn more than you used to (in form of money), but there are a lot of things to do alone. You start to pay tax by yourself, arrange your wage wisely, enroll or make some identifications not in the name of your parents anymore, invest your wage on something beneficial for your future, start to thinking about getting married, etc i cant explain one by one. To be honest, to me those sound scary but that’s life, isn’t it?

The phase of working life begins either you are ready or not. But still you’d better be ready. That’s not just energy that you spend your most of the time in working and pursuing money, but despite of that, you enter the phase where all the decisions are up to you. You are the only one decision maker of your life. You decide whether your future is going to be bright or dark. Besides, you need to take care all the important things in life by yourself since now. It cant be “i can ask my dad or mom” or “chill, my dad will help me”. It’s not that anymore. It seems complex right? That’s why you must be ready. It doesn’t seem scary actually, all you need to do is just having a preparation. Don’t be shocked and make yourself accustomed. Okay?

Myself: ”i may say it’s not okay. To be honest, i have a bit of fear. But ya, i just need to conquer that feel. As i live this life, all i can say at the end is everything’s going to be okay.

Then in one second i reply: ”You have to learn that life is a process so just enjoy every single of it. So ya, welcome to the real world once again! Realizing or not, you’ve grown up much.

Myself: ”Thank you, your courage and advice really mean a lot. So ya, welcome to me! Welcome to the real world!

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