Komunitas Salihara

Last week, my brother and I decided to go to one of artsy places in Jakarta, Komunitas Salihara. It is located in Pasar Minggu, South Jakarta. That was my third time visiting there. My very first time was when walked in interview for becoming volunteer (promotion and publication division) of Salihara International Festival 2014. Second time i visited there was for watching show with my friend but i forget the exact title of it. And this third time was just for strolling around and hunting some nice spots there for photograph. So let me begin the general description of Salihara from its ground floor.

The view of Salihara from entrance. In the left corner, there is a banner of Salihara International Performing Festival 2016 which was held from Oct until Nov 2016


Gerai Salihara, where they sell some artsy stuffs. Unfortunately i couldn’t capture what’s inside the store because i came too early and it was still close.
I agree with that quote. They put in front of the toilet door.

I really love every corner of Salihara, since they provide a combination of artsy and go-green concept. So creative! Besides, they don’t let some walls blank but drawn with stunning picture, some quotes related to the building, or other such artsy thing.

Then if you go upstair, you reach the first floor where there is office, one show building, and a sculpture of the 4th president of Indonesia, Bpk. Gusdur. It looks like real rite? It means that the one who work behind it is really brilliant and creative. But i have no idea why they chose Bpk. Gusdur as their sculpture creation.




What uniqueness from Salihara is that the architect brilliantly offers some surprises which make the guests curious and want to observe more about the place. It feels like when you go there, there are question mark on your mind, “Wow, what’s next?”. Since the curiosity kills me, then i decided to go upstairs and find sort of backyard. As you guys can see, it’s green everywhere. Very beautiful! Some plants they put to cover some buildings.




Outfit of the day

One more iconic of this place is the octopus on the building called Teater Anjung. I don’t know what materials it made and even can’t understand more about the philosophy of it, but truly i enjoy seeing it. It’s pretty awesome right? I think that’s the masterpiece of Salihara’s.


Reaching this floor, my brother and I become more curious to know what’s inside its octopus building. So ya this is it! The stairs are made curl. They put some quotes on the wall. One quote describes about music as one room of its building is for music show.




The guest can feel more about the awesomeness of Salihara if they try to participate to their event and also watch the shows. Creative people really work behind it.

So ya, that’s all my very first travel journal on this blog. If you guys want to know more about Salihara (access to go there, open hours, shows, events, etc), you can jump to their website or simply google it. Thank you! See you on my next journal!

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