How to Conquer The Thesis Stuff

Since start blogging, i haven’t made a post which contains beneficial tips. So to make my blog more useful to read, i would like to give you guys some tips on how to be successful final grade college students. But that doesn’t mean that i define my experience as a successful one (everybody has their own definition of success). i mean, this post would be about about how to conquer all the thesis stuffs. So here they are:

(P.s: this is especially for students in my college, Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Statistik)

1. Be ready, for about a year, your focus will be on thesis stuff. You have to be ready for what obstacles may come. When you are ready, you will see such unpredictable obstacle as a process.

2. Start to think about your thesis earlier before the deadline, though sometimes good idea comes last minute, just like my thesis. But, all you guys have to know is the earlier you get the idea, the more time you have, i mean the time to write it into a proposal. Because basically your proposal shows how prepared you are with your personal research.

3. Make a good proposal. The corrector will see your proposal from three aspects.

  • Your research background. Is that strong enough to make it as a research? Is it related to the goal you want to reach? Is it up to date?
  • the goal of your research. It has to be clear and also connected to the background you put.
  • And last but not least, the most important one, the methodology. You have to choose analysis method which is right statistically and suitable with the goal you want to reach. For primary research, you can reopen sampling book to see whether your sampling schemes appropriate with your research or not.

4. Make a timeline and obey it. In my experience, i made it because my supervisor asked me first before i got idea to do so. But, thanks to him because that timeline really helped guiding me till the result. Why is it so important to make one? Because, your writing process will be more focused and organized (if you obey it). For example, i made a schedule for every chapter. I gave 3 weeks for first chapter, 3 weeks for second chapter, and so on.

5. Don’t postpone. in your final year, you will see life as “ada aja masalahnya” haha but i can say to you guys don’t postpone as often as you can. Because i ever felt the disadvantage of it. And if you don’t wanna regret in the future, just don’t postpone. Stick to your timeline as much as you can.

6. Connecting to the previous one, in your final year you will see life as “ada aja masalahnya”. Based on my experience it started from choosing wrong analysis method, use the statistic program in wrong way, get bad result, etc. and after that, i can say that you guys have to be flexible with alternatives, either it’s your alternative research method or even alternative research (hope you guys don’t run into it). Don’t be so stressed out with that. If you start to feel unsure about your research, you’d better start to think about every alternative you may have before you get stressed.

7. You will feel the power of good people. First, the role of a supervisor is really important. Note that! So you have to build a good relationship with him/her. And if you have problem, don’t hesitate to ask him/her. But if he/she doesn’t help, you can ask anyone like your smart friend, your senior whose theses topic close to you or have the same analysis method with you, your lecturer though he/she is not your supervisor, etc. At the end you will see that in this world there are so many good people, especially them who still can free their time to talk to you in their busiest day.

8. Read references as many as you can. It may be your senior’s theses, some journals related to your research, etc which can enrich your knowledge in order to make your thesis good.

9. Take a rest, have some fun, and give reward to yourself. Don’t be so stressed out. Take some time to hang out with your friends, have a vacation, and other things that can make you happy. You have to love yourself and give him/her a reward that he/she has come this far. The reward may be by eating your favorite food, doing some activities you love, having abundant time of sleep, and other things you love.

So ya that’s all i can give to you which is based on my experience. Whoever you guys who read my blog, you can give your opinion or maybe another tips on the comment box. And for any final grade students, good luck! All i can say at the end is just enjoy every process of it.


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