One Day Trip To Nusa Penida Island 

I bet when talking about Bali, most people don’t know a little heaven outside Bali island but still in its province. Yes, it’s Nusa Penida. Nusa Penida is located in north east Bali. Based on the internet, you can take speedboat from Sanur beach, Padang Bai Beach, or Goa Lawa dock. But my friend and I chose speed boat from Sanur since our homestay’s nearer to Sanur. Though it’s a little bit costly, it only took about 30 minutes from Sanur beach to Nusa Penida. It costed 200k normally for round trip. But in my experience it costed 175k (100k for the departure and 75k for the return because we took speedboat from different dock with the departure).

Prior to that trip, my friend and I had done a little research about Nusa Penida including the access to go there, access and transportation in that island, homestay, guide, and the most important one, some destinations people recommended to go in Nusa Penida. Because we only had low budget, we decided to take one day trip and no guide accompanying us. We thought we could travel only depending on Waze before. And then we listed some places we thought we had to go. After listing it, in the morning on that day, i googled Nusa Penida island map to see which place we should go first. Definitely, we chose to go to the places nearest from the dock we arrive, till the farthest one. My mistake was i didn’t consider the area of Nusa Penida so we still thought that we could go to all of lists we had for only one day (there were about 7 destinations). Stupid right? Haha actually we were lack of knowledge and a bit lazy to found out more.

That day we arrived at Sanur at 7 sharp and then took the speed boat. When on the trip to Nusa penida, someone named Pak Wayan, came to us offering to become a guide with low cost. He said that it’s difficult to travel without guide because there’s no signal in there and we haven’t travelled to it before. So ya, we changed our plan. After doing some bargaining, we deal to pay for 150k. We finally arrived at Nusa Penida, exactly buyuh dock, around 7.45pm. While dropped from speedboat, there were so many men offering motorcycle for rent. We found two motorcycles which each of it costed 70k. We made a deal to return those motorcycle on 2.30 pm in the same place with when we rented it. After that, we met Pak Wayan to start our trip. We said to him that we really wanted to go to a thousand Nusa Penida, which looks like Raja Ampat (picture below). He said that it’s impossible to go to more than two destinations and if we went to a thousand Nusa Penida, we couldn’t reach the speedboat to return to Bali because it’s too far. And then we agreed to take only 2 places before a thousand Nusa Penida but we had to ride really fast. Thus, we decided to go to Kelingking Beach, Broken Beach-Angel’s Billabong (since they are in the same location), and a thousand Nusa Penida.

The first stop we had is Kelingking Beach. It took about one hour from Buyuh dock to that beach. And then for about 30 minutes from Kelingking Beach, we arrived at Broken Beach-Angel’s Billabong. One that i can’t forget is that we all rode really fast, probably around 80 km/hour on tortuous and rocky road. Since i can’t drive motorcycle, i only depended on my three friends and sadly couldn’t help at all.

Kelingking Beach
We couldn’t reach its beach because we had limited time and the access to go down was slippery and pretty dangerous. But i did enjoy the view from the top and i think that Kelingking Beach is probably the most virgin beach i’ve ever seen in Indonesia. Pretty calming and beautiful!


I sat to enjoy the beauty of Broken Beach or Pasih Uug, listen to the sound of its wave, and feel so much gratitude. Anyway, the coral looked broken, that’s why people named it.
Next destination: Angel’s Billabong. this is a tub surrounded by coral and the view we had was free sea. we can only swim or enjoy the view when it’s receding because when it comes to  tide, we can be dragged by the wave so it’s too dangerous. Anyway, sorry for the low resolution image because we were having fun and didn’t take so much time to photograph.
Last but not least, our final destination and the most wanted place to go as well, ya it’s Nusa Penida. It looked like Raja Ampat from this perspective since it’s kind of archipelago comprising over some small islands (not as many as Raja Ampat) and cays. Really breathtaking and worth it. P.s : you have to come down by stairs for around 300 meters to enjoy this view.


The trip from Broken Beach to a thousand Nusa Penida took about 2 hours. You can imagine how exhausted we were, chased by the time because if we were late, we couldn’t return to Bali on that day. Besides we actually had limited time to explore the beauty of Nusa Penida, so it’s kind of rush trip. But truly, that was really amazing experience to know such a superb creation of God. I hope i can explore more next time. So i’ll see you guys on my next travel journal!



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