2016: Fears and Good Luck

I think the appropriate words to describe how this year went by for me, are fears and good luck. 2016 was about having fear for some problems i had and at the end God surprisingly conferred me so much good luck in so many ways. As feeling grateful, i think i need to recap it on my blog. So here what’s happened in my 2016.

I graduated

Being a statistician never came across my mind before. To be frank, i even didn’t know the presence of that job before. Statistics was interesting enough, but not to be explored more as my undergraduate program. I still remember that time when i thought i wanted to quit and chase my dream. But the truth is, destiny didn’t let me do that. So day by day and month by month i passed with insincerity and anxiety till i forgot to see the pleasant parts of being statistics students. Finally there came some moments in college made me change my perspective towards it. It somehow became so enjoyable to me (especially in major i took). I even enjoyed its ups and downs as i think it’s always worth it at the end. I could feel the top of its worth as i arrived at the finish line on Oct 8th, 2016, that day when i officially graduated as bachelor’s degree in applied science. This valuable point of my life is not only a close, but also an open to new phase of life, called working.

I met great people
This year i met some great people (some are new to me) who were very helpful in my thesis making. I can feel the power of good people as being through that process. I do appreciate all of them whole-heartedly, because without them i can never reach this point.

I started small business             
Last year of college inspired me to start kind of short business. I started a small business with my friend. We named it Floray. We sold graduation gifts (bouquet and graduation showl). We never thought that the profit we got would be way this much. So luckily it was even more than our presumption. Since I’m still an amateur in trade stuffs, this experience gave a lesson which maybe will lead me to start next one.

Some of my days were filled with fear
Good luck God gave to me was not something easily-given. I experience the fear during my last year of college and it went on even after the graduation. First, last year of college was about thesis-making. As it was my very first research all done by myself, i was having fear of some contents i made (i mean is it statistically proper or not?). There were so many paranoia during the process of it. Fear brought me to a state where i couldn’t sleep tight, woke up with worry, and sometimes wept. Though like that, i still believed that it was the process i had to enjoy so i enjoyed those fears and kept trying as best as i could. It’s not finished yet after graduation. Fear i had continued to a way to new phase of my life. For your information, all the graduates of my college will work in one of the civil institution in Indonesia and we all have to accept the province we got to work which is mostly outside Java island. That’s really bitter for me. I feared to work far from home, see my family only once a year, in place i’ve never been, with difficult access, and last is i can’t get what’s in my plan list.
When i had fear, i spent most of my time thinking about it. It couldn’t get rid of me till the day i realized that What God gives to me is always the best. If i have to work far from home, it means God wants me to become an independent individual and experience a lot more things which i cant get in Jakarta. That becomes the conclusion of my fear. Whatever God gives to me, the key is sincerity.

I lost all of my data            
It sucks to know that my worn-out laptop broken two days before i got tested for my thesis. I lost the presentation that i’d been doing and i had to remake it. It’s not only that. One month after graduation, it became destructive again. It was really sad to know that i lost all of my data since high school. School subjects, some unpublished writings, thousand photos & videos, books, programs, and other important stuffs. Damn, it’s like i erased all of my memories without remaining anything. This part of this year is not my good luck, but trying to be sincere.
Note to me or maybe for the reader: routinely back up your files guys!

I travelled to some places in Indonesia                                     
Even though this year was pretty hectic during thesis making, gratefully i still had time to travel as many as I can. This year i went to Malang on March, and i chose Bali for my graduation trip. The highlights of every journey this year are Tiga Warna beach in Malang and Nusa Penida island in Bali (open my previous post). Those two amazing places made me more enjoyable exploring nature and become so much grateful to God.

Tiga warna beach in Malang


More than two months being unemployed                                 
This is part of this year when i hate myself the most. I became unproductive these past months as my institution didn’t give us (the graduate) clear working status. It’s sad to know we haven’t started an internship or even working till the end of 2016. It’s even sadder to know that because i only worked once in a week, i had 6 days wasted in vain. This unemployment period succesfully created some bad habits for me. Everyday, i slept lately, i woke up lately as well, i ate a lot which didn’t contribute significantly to my weight, i used social media a lot (i hate it so much), i often watched TV, i was lazy to read books as internet world drove me crazy, i felt like other graduate feels that is looking for job, i applied internship in Unicef but haven’t got any feedback, and blablabla other useless things i couldn’t explain.

My first research is going to be published in a book                          
I think there’s no researcher who’s not pleasant as his/her research is going to be a guidance for public policy. This year luckily i got an offer by The Ministry of Women Empowerment and Child Protection Indonesia to have a part in their book called Older People’s Profile in Indonesia. I was very honored to have that chance. And i felt so pleasant to know that my research isn’t only beneficial for me (to make me graduate), but also for many people.

I don’t have to move out from home
This part of this year make me feel so truly blessed. God conferred me what my family and i want. Luckily, I can start my working journey in Jakarta, not far from home. That’s what mattered the most this year, besides the graduation.

Now it’s two days left before 2017 starts. I can see myself doing a lot of new things next year. So ya, welcome 2017, a year of next discovery in life.

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