Changes in Life

“Perubahan adalah sesuatu yang pasti. Kesiapan terhadap perubahan itu yang harus dibangun.”
“Change is a certainty. Preparation of it is a thing must be built.”

Well, i agree one hundred percent with that quote. We can’t deny changes in life. As time never stops, change is a thing which come up everyday, every minute, even every second to everyone. Changes from simple thing to the complex one. I divide changes into two kinds, internal and external change. The internal change is within us. The way we talk as we grow up, the way we behave, the way we dress, the way we organize stuffs, the way we feel about something, the way we think, and everything about us. Otherwise, external change is about other people which will give impact to us, either directly or not. As normal people, we will always sense it.

We are okay to face positive changes. Don’t need to talk about it. Then what about the negative ones? Those can make us feel disvantaged right? Connecting to the quote i put above, i think negative changes in life is seriously needed to be prepared. Even though we don’t know what future may hold, but at least we have tried to brace ourselves for the worst scenario of life that will come. 

Negative changes cant be avoided. That’s true. I know that the process to adapt to it is not easy as the negative impact we get is sometimes unusual for us. We also know negative changes are unexpected and sometimes unpredictable. However just like what the quotes says, “we have to prepare”. Then how do we prepare? It’s difficult to answer because the way we face changes is different as well. 

So, ask yourself. 

How prepared are you with the changes that will come to your life? 

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