NuArt Sculpture Park

Actually, I am not a sculpture connoisseur but I do become a lover of every creativity behind it. Nyoman Nuarta is someone behind NuArt Sculpture Park, someone who is well-known by the masterpiece of Garuda Wisnu Kencana sculpture in Bali. A few days ago, I had a chance to visit the park in Bandung which is located in Sutra Duta Kencana 2 street. I can say that it’s really huge since its area is three hectares. For your information, it costs 50k for visiting the park but happily it has 50 percents discount for students who can show student card to the receptionist.

Other entrance side. I am sorry that I didn’t capture the main entrance.
Outfit of the day shot in front of the most instagrammable spot
When I came, I was invited to watch the documentary videos of the making of Pak Nyoman’s creation as well as the introduction of its park. The studio is in the third floor and the videos are scheduled to play on 12 pm and 3 pm.
They put paintings and photographs to welcome the guests on the first floor


I’m not an expert of guessing the philosophy behind every sculpture art workers made. Since there’s no catalog or someone who could explain it to me, I just assumed it based on my perspective and knowledge. So here are some sculptures created by amazing Pak Nyoman.





I thought that the park only had sculpture, but they put extra for the guests. There were paintings and photographs. Some of it told about history, mankind, and other conceptual random.





Based on the information, this park is created to combine Art, Culture, and Nature. So when the guests go outside the gallery, they find the park mild and cozy. Besides supporting fine arts, this park also support other kind of arts. they facilitate other art workers to show theirs like dance, theater, and music. they have a space for art workers to perform it which is located outside the gallery.


The architecture combines both nature and modernity
Space for performing music, dance, and theater

I’d like to say that the concept “Art, Culture, and Nature” I find in this park, is fit and amazing. Sometimes, art is created with disregarding the element of nature. whereas, when we combine it, there will be a stunning result like this sculpture park. Unfortunately my time to visit there is very limited so I didn’t look around other side, like the cafe or the workshop space. Hope I can visit it later with (hopefully) new artworks to see. For the readers who want to know more about it, you can jump to their website

Enjoy the arts like you enjoy your life!




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