What Matters To Adults

I’m not saying that I have become 100% adult. Perhaps by age, almost yes, but soul, no. There are so many things I’ve been questioning about being an adult. I think that’s the phase of life in which what people say really matter to us. That’s true, don’t deny it. Obviously, I haven’t experienced a lot about it. But my observation skill does it. I observe some of my friends and acquaintances as well about how impactful what people say to adults.

I don’t know whether it’s been a common thing or not. All I know, some people keep on questioning some things which are very personal and it can’t be equalized to all the human in the world. The question can be about your marriage, career, finances, and other things which are related to adults.

Let me begin with some easy examples.

When you have graduated from school, a lot of people ask, “When will you get married?”. That kind of question goes on and on till you turn 30, and they keep asking “When will you get married? Look at others who already have kids. Look at you poor single girl, you look so desperate to find one (no, I exaggerate it, but sometimes true). And when you have married and don’t have kids after 2-year-old of marriage, people continue asking “when will you have kids? Lalala have u guys tried lalala? I can’t imagine your life if you both don’t have kids. Don’t you wanna have your generation Nsnkalalpqllslalalqlqlsldjd.”

Please stop!

Believe it or not, some people who keep asking like that must ever think that the person is unhappy, unlucky, and last but not least, they feel very sorry about that. I know it’s because you do care to the person. You want them to be happy. That’s why you say like that. But sometimes it tends to be like bullying. Asking them same questions (or related to it) and comparing with other person are two things which intimidate others whether it’s direct or not. In my opinion, it’s a lack of respect. You can’t judge someone unhappy by generalizing something which is misfortune for you. Perhaps they even don’t feel the same. You tend to think like you know everything about how to make life perfect. Seems like you already have one, huh?

In my opinion, you can’t judge someone unhappy just because they don’t have what you have, or they never experience what you have, or perhaps because they don’t live a normal life just like you, just like most of people. Please do not be like that.

First, you are not God. So many things in life can’t be controlled by us, but God can.

Second, you have an oldish way of thinking. Over time, there are various way of continuing life as an adult. Don’t feel like you know everything, whereas in fact, you don’t.

Third, get a life! Happiness is something bigger than you ever thought.

What I know is there are so many perspectives about life. The ways they want to spend their life are different. Everyone has their destiny as well. Theirs must be different from you. Don’t generalize the source of happiness of someone. Don’t insult them who are different with you.

That’s it.



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