Encountering A Quarter-Life Crisis

I was reading an article on Forbes when I started to realise that I’m encountering a quarter-life crisis. Yes I am. I am one of the 86 millennials who are bogged down by insecurities, disappointments, loneliness, and depression.

Then I surfed on the internet to ensure that the symptoms I experience is the symptom of quarter-life crisis. And the result is yes, my life is now entering the crisis. So many articles on the internet are the eye-opener that it is normal. I mean, everyone’s gonna encounter it and finally get ahead of it. It’s a process to become the real adult.

My crisis began when I felt I was under a lot of stress. I can’t deny that being a full-time worker could lead to stress and job is kind of the tip of the iceberg. During the two years of work, I started questioning myself, “What things do I want to achieve in life? Why do I do all of these things? “Is my job all I need? Is that all I want to spend approximately 10 hours per day to? Is it worth it? Is it worth my time? Is this my definition of success? Do I really have the success I thought I would have?”. Those questions won’t stop haunting my mind until I get the satisfying answers. And you know, I haven’t got it yet.

Actually it’s not only about my job, but also about my life, and all the aspects in it. Relationship, finance, etc.

And it’s not only about what I run into now, but also about my future. I feel a little bit anxious and scared of what my future will hold. My head is full of the questions “What if…?”.

“What if I don’t get things I want?”

“What if I don’t achieve my dreams?”

“What if I’m the one who’s left behind?”

“What if I wake up next day and feel like becoming worse everyday?”


Those what if questions are unstoppable.


After reading some references on the internet, I can draw a conclusion that this crisis is a soul-searching phase. It’s normal as the responsibilities get bigger and there’s a transition from being a teenager to a young adult. It’s outright different, regarding the way we see life and even the way we see ourselves. This kind of feeling makes me realise that growing up is hard, isn’t it? But I believe that once I overcome it, this criss will bring me to a better mental state. The point is, no matter what we, as young adult, encounter, just keep doing the best and shooting for the stars. The stars are what keep us going.




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