Weekend Getaway to Cimaja

Living in a city is quite stressful sometimes. I bet a weekend getaway is an absolute remedy for people. Not far from Jakarta, there’s a relaxing and not so renowned place to go called Cimaja. Cimaja is located in Sukabumi town. It only takes 6 hours from Jakarta (depends on the transportation you use and also the traffic).

How to get there:

I used public transportation from my home to Bogor station. Then use ‘angkot’ to the Bogor terminal and inter-town bus to Pelabuhan Ratu. It takes approximately 5 hours from Bogor to Pelabuhan Ratu. After arrived at the Pelabuhan Ratu, I use ‘ojek’ to the hotel or you can choose to use ‘angkot’ instead. Overall, it only costs about 150k.

Where to stay:

I highly recommend to stay in Cimaja Beach Club as it’s the nearest place to the beach. On top of that they have rooftop to enjoy the scenery. But it was full last weekend, so I chose to stay in Cimaja Square. That’s the recommendation from a trusted traveller I know. The place was nice. The hotel room is a small house located in the middle of paddy field. It only costs 350k but there’s a kitchen but no air conditioner. Overall, the facility and the view are worth the money.



What to do:

Because I stay in Cimaja Square, chilling at the hotel is the least yet worth thing to do. Laying on the hammock, looking at the scenery, and taking pictures with mostly green colour are the way I enjoy my getaway. I also took a walk around the paddy field to get some fresh air. It felt so relaxing.


My morning view


Only 800 meters from the hotel, you can witness the high tide of Cimaja beach. Actually Cimaja beach is very popular among some surfers (mostly professional). If you come to it, you will meet many foreigner surfers who intentionally come from far away to enjoy the wave. Even I made some new friends, two from Barcelona, one from New Zealand but living in Jakarta. They said that Cimaja beach is attractive because of its high tide and it’s been on their list to go for surfing. Some of them even live there permanently. Isn’t it cool?

There’s no sand on that beach because corals cover the shore. But this place is so tranquil for me. Suitable for daydreaming with the soothing sound of the wave as your music.


There are a lot of things to do because there are so many attractions not only Cimaja beach. There are other beaches as well like Citepus Beach or Karang Hawu. But it’s too far to take a walk to other nearest attractions. You can google and ask the local people about it. There are also some ‘ojek dadakan’ who will bring you to it. No need to worry about the access.

Karang Hawu, only 10 minutes from Cimaja square by ‘angkot’


By far, Cimaja has become my favorite nearest place to escape. Definitely will come back soon:)





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